Hats of Possibility

With the Graduate Art Show fast approaching, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who participated in my installation by writing on paper hats. I will have a final hat count this weekend but I am happy to announce that I surpassed my goal of 200!

 All art theory aside, this piece was a challenge to think back to childlike wonderment; a time when paper hats could be imagined as any type of outlandish headgear, capable of transporting one into a world of wonder. With my graduation less than two months away, it is easy to lose sight of imagination and belief in possibility as responsibilities of the “real world” set in. Estella Conwill Majozo says in her essay “To Search for the Good and Make it Matter” that “At best, artistic works not only inspire the viewer but give evidence of the artist’s own struggle to achieve higher recognition of what it means to be human.” My last year of university has definitely had its struggles and I have no idea what is next (so don’t ask me), but I do know I have been inspired and blessed by the answers and conversations sparked from this art piece - whether funny, sarcastic, honest, or serious, each hat has a story as unique as the person who created it and it makes me glad that we are all figuring out what it means to be human together. 

The Hats of Possibility will be on display as part of the group show Retracing Social Practice at Fort Langley Centennial Museum running from from March 6 - April 30 with the opening reception on March 8th from 6:30-9pm. Hope to see you there!

Here are some of my favourite hat answers for each of the five questions:

1) When I grow up I want to:

  • “Be the embodiment of adventure”
  • “Be an astronaut…really.”
  • “Institutionalize naps because sometimes happiness is a nap”
  • “Be the king of the jungle”
  • “I already am who I want to be.”

2) I wish I may, I wish I might:

  • “Dream a dream of home tonight”
  • “Sail the seven seas”
  • “Bring this world a little light”
  • “Tell everyone how much they matter”

3) Sometimes I imagine I can:

  • “Knit sweaters, really fast”
  • “Do a cartwheel, but I can’t so that’s too bad”
  • “Eat lots of potato chips and still be healthy”
  • “Fly. But then I jump off high surfaces and hurt myself #oops”
  • “Teleport to France” 
  • “Stop time” 

4) Happiness is:

  • “Peanut butter pie”
  • “Everywhere!” 
  • “Sitting in the woods”
  • “Pizza with sausage”
  • “The joy of serving”
  • “One wipe poops”
  • “Being content with who I am ”

5) I feel most free when:

  • “I listen to Songza’s sunshine indie pop playlist”
  • “I’m naked in water”
  • “I have small manageable tasks to achieve”
  • “I can speak in American sign language”
  • “I sing in the shower”

And the most repeated answer is: “I wish I could fly” with a total of 12 

Thank you to Langley Times for the article: http://www.langleytimes.com/entertainment/371425001.html

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